DSC 6381Arne thumbArne Timmerling

I was born in 1953 and started as a typographer but have had boats and ships as my hobby all my life. There is actually a huge similarity between the sailor and a typographer. It´s not only that these professions somehow developed it´s own language and way of doing things, but also a profession with a high staff turn-over. Most emplyees change around a lot so after a few years you´ve probably met everyone in the business, which also helps you keep an open mind. Growing up in Haugesund on the norwegian westland my interest in shipping is almost genetic and everyone in the family has a close relation to the ocean. From whalers to stewarts. My profound interest started in the end of 1970´s when I rebuilt and converted a small wooden ship ready to sail, which led to that I could take over the slipway at Djurgårdsvarvet, Sweden when Waxholmsbolaget left the yard. Over the years I made renovations and repairs on boats and small ships. I miss the good times at the yard, the coffee brakes when the machines are turned off and all gets quiet and all the guys are telling jokes and making up stories about people in the shipping business. I also think about the satisfaction when I had finish a complexed wood or metal job and took a few steps back and could enjoy what I had created with my own hands. I´ve owned a few trawlers, chartered fishing boats, pilot boats and tug boats thru the years but nowadays I´m easily bored being a skipper/passenger onboard. To reach shore is the big pleasure.

The short spare time I have I spend jogging in the woods. I´ve managed to finish many long distant racesfrom Spetsbergen up north to Brazil further south. I which I had more time to spend on my little island in lake Hjälmaren, Sweden to get some peace and quiet. To watch the swedish team AIK beat Djurgården in football used to give me great pleasure but the sport have change a lot over the years. I tend meetings in a small society called "Punchpralinerna". It´s mostly a bunch of old and used boxers and fighting enthusiasts. Before my time is up I hope to get time to read more books, listen to good jazz in a smoky club somewhere and to afford fresh seafood in obscure restaurants around the Mediterranean sea. At the nursing home I´ll play all my old Frank Zappa and Rolling Stones albums so the fat lady screams.


DSC 2913 Minka thumbMinka Wikström

I started working at Shipsforsale Sweden in September 2011. I´ve studied public-health and specialized in global collaborations and health. At Shipsforsale Sweden I do most of the administration, marketing, newspaper ads, picture procesing and welcoming clients in the office at Fjällgatan in Stockholm. During 2012 we started our implementation to international standards as ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001-series Environmental Management System.

As a young girl I was often at the yard Djurgårdsvarvet in Stockholm. My family had an old trawler there and we always had a lot of work to do and I became more and more interested in ships. As a teenager I worked for Arne during my summer holiday´s at the yard, painting, cleaning engines and listened to the workers lies on a bench outside the workshop. Nowadays I spend my summer holidays with my family sailing in Stockholm archipelago. Starting of 2013 I will go on maternity leave for my second child but will still be close to work.


Linda1LLinda Svensson

I am the accountant of Shipsforsale Sweden, having extensive experience in financial management and tax issues in the ship industry. I am a qualified accountant and run the company EkonomiControll AB since a couple of years. The clientele consists largely of small companies, advertising agencies and other service providers.

Spare time is spent largely in the stable. Horseback riding is the major interest of both me and my daughter. Last summer we became boat owners and we now hope for warm sunny summers to come - allowing us to thoroughly enjoy Stockholm's beautiful archipelago.



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