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Rescue vessels | Gustaf Dalén

Gustaf Dalén

Price: EUR 275.000

Swedish rescue ship refitted at Djupviks Varv in 1990. 18.4 x 5.7 metres. 2 x Volvo main engines. Last drydock in 2017 and renewed certificates for 5 years. GMDSS area A1 + A2. The construction fulfils the DnV requirements for an unlimited sea area.

The vessel has been moderately used recent two years. Was earlier used as a port vessel in Denmark.

Vessel drydocked and inspected during August 2020, no remarks. Painted and new anodes.

Vessel can be inspected on Rindö, Sweden.


  • (flagStat) Flag state: SE, Sweden
  • (klassningsSallskap) Classification: Transportstyrelsen - Swedish Transport Agency, Maritime Department
  • (storstaLangd) LOA: 18.39 metres
  • (langd) L: 16.67 metres
  • (LPP) LPP: 15.74 metres
  • (storstaBredd) Beam: 5.75 metres
  • (djupGaende) Draft: 2.50 metres
  • (mallatDjup) Molded draft: 3.30 metres
  • (varv) Shipyard: Djupviks Varv, Tjorn, Sweden
  • (byggAr) Year built: 1964
  • (batTyp) Vessel type: Rescue ship
  • (ombyggnadsVarv) Refitted at: Djupviks Varv 1990/2013
  • (omByggVarvKom) Refit details: New deckhouse, new engines, new wheelhouse and navigation equipment etc in 1990. Upgraded and certified in 2013.
  • (materialSkrov) Hull material: Steel
  • (materialSkrovTj) Thickness: 9-12 mm
  • (hemort) Home port: Runmarö, Sweden
  • (tonnage) Tonnage: 53 GT / 15 NT
  • (lattvikt) Light ship: 61,60 tonnes
  • (deplacement) Displacement: 77,10 tonnes
  • (klassBeteckning) Class type: SE-A-A2-UMS
  • (hytter_baddar) No. of cabins: 3
  • (passagerare_1) No. of passengers: 12 in area: A
  • (maskinForbTim) Consumption: 50 l/hour
  • (maskinMarscFart) Cruising speed: 8,5 knots
  • (maskinToppFart) Top speed: 11 knots


  • (huvudmotor)Main engine: 2 x Volvo TMD122A, 2 x 235 kW, 2,150 running hours, installed 1990
  • (motorKommentar)Comments: The ship has 2 main engines powering one propeller shaft. The vessel can sail with only one engine.
  • (backslag)Gearbox: Pont a Mousson RSY 200, reduction 4:1
  • (propeller)Drive type: Teignbridge Propellers Ltd 4-blade propeller, 1600 mm mm
  • (hjalpMotorer)Auxiliary engine: (portalelement hjalpMotorer tillverkare )Cummins (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer gangtimmar )50 running hours, (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer generator )Onan generator (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer generatorModell )7MDKBL, (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer generatorEffekt ) 7 kVA, (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer spanning )230 V, (slut portalelement Maskiner)New 2018slut inre portalelement med 7 element
  • (maskinKommentar)Misc: Twin Disc PTO C111PN3 on both main engines for fire pump and hydraulics.

Engine room equipment

  • (varmepanna)Heater: (portalelement varmepanna tillverkare )Eryl (slut portalelement Maskinrumsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 1 element
  • (oljebrannare)Burner: (portalelement oljebrannare tillverkare )Viking Pro (slut portalelement Maskinrumsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 1 element
  • (maskinUtrVarmvattensberedare)Hot water boiler: (listelement maskinUtrVarmvattensberedare - Maskinrumsutrustning)1(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrKompressorer)Compressor: (listelement maskinUtrKompressorer - Maskinrumsutrustning)1(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrStyrmaskineri)Steering gear: (listelement maskinUtrStyrmaskineri - Maskinrumsutrustning)Säffle(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrAvsaltningsanlaggning)Water maker: (listelement maskinUtrAvsaltningsanlaggning - Maskinrumsutrustning)Spectra Newport 1000 MAG, 3,800 lit/24 hour(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrOmformareInv)Inverter: (listelement maskinUtrOmformareInv - Maskinrumsutrustning)Victron Phoenix 24/3000, 2500 W sinus continous(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrBrandpumpar)Fire pump: (listelement maskinUtrBrandpumpar - Maskinrumsutrustning)Desmi S100-80-275-/A02 (slut listelement)

Navigation equipment

Tank capacity

  • (tankarDiesel)Diesel: (listelement tankarDiesel - Tankar)15.000 l(slut listelement)
  • (tankarFarskvatten)Fresh water: (listelement tankarFarskvatten - Tankar)600 l(slut listelement)
  • (tankarBallast)Ballast: (listelement tankarBallast - Tankar)Fore 2 m3 , aft trim 1.4 m3 (slut listelement)

Safety equipment

  • (livflottar)Life raft: (portalelement livflottar tillverkare )DSB (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement livflottar modell )LR 07, (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement livflottar kapacitet )16 persons. (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 3 element
  • (mobBat)MOB boat: (portalelement mobBat tillverkare )1 (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement mobBat motor )Yamaha 4 Stoke (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (brandlarmcentral)Fire alarm unit: (portalelement brandlarmcentral tillverkare )Salwico (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement brandlarmcentral modell )C303 (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (lanterncentral)Navigation light control: (portalelement lanterncentral tillverkare )Bei (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 1 element
  • (epirb)EPIRB: (portalelement epirb tillverkare )Sea Safe (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement epirb modell )E100G (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (radarTransponder)Radar transponder SART: (portalelement radarTransponder tillverkare )McMurdo (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement radarTransponder modell )S5 AIS (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (barbarGMDSS_VHF)Portable GMDSS VHF: (portalelement barbarGMDSS_VHF tillverkare )Sailor (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement barbarGMDSS_VHF modell )SP3520 GMDSS (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (sakSlMaskTillv)Fire fighting, engine room: CO2

Deck equipment

  • (Bollard)Bollard pull: 5 ton t
  • (Bogkrok)Towing hook: 1
  • (dackAnkarSpelTyp)Anchor windlass: Rapp Hydema
  • (dackStralKastare)Search light: 2
  • (Ankare) Anchor: 113 kg, Anchor chain 120 m, diameter 14 mm
  • (Kapstan) (portalelement Kapstan k_Typ )Capstan type: Rapp Hydema (slut portalelement Dacksutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 1 element
  • (hydraulkran)Deck crane: (portalelement hydraulkran wirewisch )Pullmaster PR 600 kg (slut portalelement Dacksutrustning)(portalelement hydraulkran tillverkare )HIAB (slut portalelement Dacksutrustning)(portalelement hydraulkran modell )Sea Crane 31, (slut portalelement Dacksutrustning)(portalelement hydraulkran kapacitet )2500 (slut portalelement Dacksutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 4 element
  • (dackKommentar)Misc: Fire fighting canon on monkey island.


New aft deck camera.
New Onan silent auxiliary, 50 running hours.
New radiators with thermostats in all areas.
New covers for crane and deck boat.
New 16-persons life raft.
New compressor and needle picker.
New hot water heater with plate heat exchanger.


Aft lounge and steering engine room.

Deck lounge. Stairs to forward- and aft lounge. Fore are the stairs to wheelhouse.

Cabins and lounge below deck.

Engine room.



Sea trial in August 2019.

All details given in good faith but not guaranteed. Equipment are subject to change or be removed from the vessel.
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